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Emotional Intelligence Habits: Live Launch Party

September 13
12:00 pm - PST
You’re invited to the launch of our #1 New Release “Emotional Intelligence Habits!”
Best-selling author, Dr. Travis Bradberry will join us LIVE to discuss his latest book and the EQ micro habits that have the power to create big changes in your daily life.
You won’t want to miss this: Free Resources and Giveaways!

The Secret to Building Diverse & Inclusive Work Cultures

September 28
10:00 am - PST

EQ strategies can lead to more effective change management results and how leaders can be ready to pivot when faced with constant change. Our panel discusses how they’ve lead their organizations through change.

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Retaining Top Talent with Emotional Intelligence as Our Guide

We will be discussing key strategies to retain top talent in your organization. We will also touch on ways to retain diverse employees in the workplace.

How to Identify and Attract Top Talent

Our panel will be celebrating Military & Law Enforcement Appreciation Month while discussing how emotional intelligence supports talent retention efforts in all aspects of the military, law enforcement and the corporate world.

The Engagement Equation: How to Keep Employees Fulfilled & Thriving

Keeping employees engaged is a huge challenge. Remote and hybrid workplaces are making it even more challenging. Learn specific strategies on how to keep your employees engaged.

Resilience in the Workplace

With everything that is on our plates these days, being resilient in the workplace is essential. But let’s face it, we need to be resilient in all aspects of our life! Let’s bring emotional intelligence into the equation and tackle being more resilient in our everyday lives.


What does effective leadership look like to you? Join us in a discussion surrounding the important role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership.

How to Stay Healthier in Mind, Body & Spirit

TalentSmartEQ explores the essential role emotional intelligence plays in mental and physical health with two guests from air national guard.

The Real Deal About DEI

What is DE&I and why is it so important? We explore the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion and how they fit into every facet of our lives – not just the workplace. 

Creating a More Emotionally Intelligent Work Culture

If you want some advice on creating a more emotionally intelligent work culture…go to the source. The top 3 executives of TalentSmartEQ discuss EQ and give advice on creating an emotionally intelligent work culture that will allow your organization to thrive. 

The Power of Psychological Safety

How powerful would it feel to be able to share your thoughts without any fear of retaliation? Psychological Safety isabout just that and more. TalentSmartEQ brings emotional intelligence into the discussion and tackles the topic ofpsychology safety.

Why EQ Matters for the Future of Policing

Police officers are often described as superheroes, but they are not superhuman!  
Law enforcement officers must be equipped with more than just firearms, as every call has the potential of being an emotional trigger. This conversation digs deep into the vital role EQ plays in policing.

Why Team Emotional Intelligence is Right for You

Does your team feel disengaged, unmotivated, or ineffective? Dr. Jean Greaves, renowned author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 discusses the role that emotional intelligence plays in team performance.