EQ in Action

TalentSmartEQ is excited to introduce EQ in Action, a comprehensive collection of programs aimed at enabling participants to leverage emotional intelligence (EQ) in mastering essential skills to tackle major organizational hurdles. To begin with, this repository will feature five interactive sessions, each lasting two hours, with a focus on skill enhancement and practice. The truth is, whether it’s personal growth, leadership advancement, or organizational change—such as mergers, product shifts, or business model alterations—it all begins with an individual. EQ in Action offers a focused approach to embrace and drive transformation effectively.

Navigating Emotional Conversations

This session explores the empathetic communication,
conflict resolution, and emotional regulation skills needed
to foster deeper understanding and stronger relationships
while navigating high-emotion discussions.

The EQ Edge: Giving
and Getting Better Feedback

This session is designed to equip you with effective
strategies for delivering constructive feedback with
empathy and receiving feedback gracefully. Learn how to
cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and
professional growth within your team or organization.

The Art of Active Listening

Listening could arguably be the single most important
skill – at and outside of work – and yet, most of us
struggle to consistently listen at our best. In this program
you will learn practical techniques to enhance
communication and deepen connections to better drive

Thriving through Change

The adage holds true: the only constant in life is change.
Unfortunately, knowing that doesn’t necessarily help us to
navigate change any better. This session is an exploration
of resilience and adaptability, learning how to embrace
uncertainty, navigate transitions, and cultivate a mindset
that enables you to not only survive but thrive in times of

Wellbeing: Driving Results with Resilience

This session will focus on practical tools and strategies for
managing stress, understanding the power and benefits of
mindfulness, and building resilience. Gain insights into
building emotional strength and resilience both personally
and professionally in a supportive and interactive

Features & Design

  • Interactive sessions focused on
    specific skills needed to address
    organizational challenges.
  • A skill library with new courses
    added consistently over time.
  • On-demand, video-based TTT
    certification process so you can start
    training as soon as you need to.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Improved skillset across various
  • Strengthened impact on
    individual and leadership
  • Addresses your organizations
    biggest needs with flexibility.

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