Deepen Learning and Skill Application with a TalentSmart Expert Coach.

Whether you seek confidential help getting started, specific guidance for one person, follow-on coaching for a group, or executive coaching as part of a larger learning and development initiative, TalentSmart’s coaching process provides comprehensive guidance for people working on their emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

TalentSmart’s Coaching Process

Step 1

Assess Your Goals

by getting to know you.

Step 2

Measure Your Skills

with a TalentSmart emotional intelligence or leadership assessment.

Step 3

Raise Your Self-Awareness

during a confidential session with a TalentSmart certified coach.

Step 4

Create an Action Plan Together

with specific strategies to close the gaps in your skills.

Step 5

Practice and Develop

by refining your efforts with accountability and support from your coach.

Step 6

Prepare to Transition

by learning how to handle setbacks, when to retest your skills, and how to hold your gains.

About TalentSmart Certified Coaches

TalentSmart coaches leverage scholarly research in the fields of emotional intelligence and leadership to help clients become more skilled. Coaches use business expertise to ensure that what clients practice is not only based on proven methods but also is simple and effective. TalentSmart certified coaches are seasoned coaching professionals with graduate training in 360° assessment interpretation and expertise in emotional intelligence and leadership development strategies.

What Our Clients Say

“Years ago I struggled with EQ, but worked with a TalentSmart coach and it was transforming. Increased self-awareness enabled me to help my current company grow 4 times over the last 5 years and helped me personally grow both at work and home. You cannot fix what you don’t know is broken.”

–Vice President

Business Development