Emotional intelligence training can solve more than you think

Organizations deal with all types of issues everyday. Itā€™s often difficult to know where to start and what to do when tackling these pain-points. We believe the solution starts with the development of EQ skills through emotional intelligence training

Mastering EQ

Our Mastering EQ Training Program is a proven path for high-impact EQ skill development. Jumpstart your EQ development by increasing core skills such as self-awareness and relationship management through our world-renowned Mastering Emotional IntelligenceĀ® program.

Emotional Intelligence and Teams

Immediately improve your teamā€™s effectiveness and performance through the Mastering Team Emotional IntelligenceĀ® program. Emotionally intelligent individuals do not automatically add up to an emotionally intelligent team. The collaboration, communication and synergy among team members ultimately define its success. This program will ensure that your team is operating at its peak.

EQ in Action

TalentSmartEQ introduces “EQ in Action,” a new library of courses designed to enhance emotional intelligence for specific organizational needs. These two-hour courses focus on essential skills like empathetic communication, conflict resolution, effective feedback, active listening, and resilience to change. Aimed at professional growth, the EQ in Action suite equips participants to navigate and lead organizational transformations effectively.

EQ in Law Enforcement

Learn why emotional intelligence skills matter in policing and how to increase EQ skills among law enforcement officers to positively impact our communities.


In order to develop emotional intelligence, you need to know where youā€™re starting. Measure EQ skills through the most powerful emotional intelligence assessments in the world.

Work With an Executive Coach

We offer executive coaching to debrief our EQ assessments and deepen learning and skill application.


EQ Essentials is a self-paced, engaging experience that enables organizations to bring powerful EQ training to a broader audience. EQ explains 58% of success in all types of jobs. This foundational 60-minute course offers organizations an entry point into emotional intelligence.