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Dec 9
10:00 am - PST

Why do good employees leave?…AND more importantly, what you can do to stop them from leaving! If you are a leader of people or a person who cares about people, this webinar is the place to be as we explore what makes an organization emotionally intelligent. We’ll share key EQ strategies to avoid the dreaded beginning of the year exodus before it even begins.

Recorded Webinars


Stress is inevitable as we wrap up goals and financial expectations for the year, while planning for the holidays. The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance. TalentSmartEQ has conducted research with millions of people, and we’ve found that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress to remain calm and in control. Join us for several practical EQ strategies for managing your stress.


We all have fears… How will the year end for our organization? Will we hit our goals? Is there another reorganization happening? Whatever the fear may be, embracing key emotional intelligent strategies can help you understand what your fear is trying to tell you, and ultimately, help you conquer those fears. Join us for a pre-Halloween look at what fear is and how you can learn to embrace your fear of the unknown.

Leveraging EQ for Better Productivity

How often do we talk about emotions when it comes to being more productive?  Not enough! Like it or not, our emotions often distract us, demotivate us, or get us into a state of anxiety and fear.We look at two key emotional hindrances when it comes to productivity, and also show how more effective awareness and management of our emotions will lead to more productivity at work.

Succeeding in the Ever-Evolving New Normal: Navigating New Work Environments

Many companies have shifted to a hybrid form of work. For all the positives that come with this new flexibility, there are some challenges that can easily be addressed. Join TalentSmartEQ as we cover the latest research surrounding these new challenges, and as we offer some emotional intelligence strategies to help you make the most of your hybrid setting.

Succeeding in the Ever-Evolving New Normal: Jumpstarting Social Skills For Reopening

As our work and social lives shift to an increasingly in-person environment, we’ve all had to adjust from a more solitary lifestyle to a more social one. Research shows that many of us are finding ourselves a bit…erm…socially awkward.  Join TalentSmartEQ as we share key social awareness strategies to jumpstart your social skills back into action.

Succeeding in the Ever-Evolving New Normal: Adaptability in a World of Uncertainty

Over the course of a year where seemingly the most constant thing has been change, we could all use a bit of brushing up when it comes to our adaptability. Join TalentSmartEQ as we cover EQ strategies that will help match your uncertainty and change with a healthy dose of adaptability.


When we think about innovation, we usually picture someone lost in their world of ideas or working in isolation, but so much of the process is interpersonal and emotional. Even small innovations require dealing with failure, communicating, winning buy-in, and working well as a team. Join TalentSmartEQ to learn how investing in EQ skill development will help your people effectively recognize and push through three barriers to innovation: intense emotion, fear of failure, and inability to inspire.


Did you know seeking feedback will help you increase your EQ? Seeing your EQ from an outside perspective will get you further faster. Join us as we talk about 3 types of feedback. We’ll discuss how to receive and absorb feedback when it comes your way, share strategies for deciding which feedback to attend to, and then provide steps for how to put your feedback into action at work.


EQ skills provide us with the awareness and behaviors needed to cultivate an intentional, comfortable, welcoming, curious, and supportive culture. In this webinar, we’ll cover how you can build empathy, deepen trust, and create an inclusive culture with EQ.  Walk away with strategies to put into practice.


Simply put, Better EQ drives Better Performance. Join us to learn how the foundational skill of EQ has immediate and positive impact on many key competency areas that are critical to workplaces now, more than ever.

Emotional Intelligence & Leading in a Virtual/Remote Environment: 7 Strategies to Implement Today

Join us for this enlightening and practical webinar to learn why leveraging great leadership skills is more important than ever during the current “remote” work environment, how to balance your own needs with the needs of your role as a leader, how to strike the balance of being an effective and approachable leader, and 7 EQ leadership strategies that you can adopt right away.

Emotional Intelligence & Empathy: EQ Strategies to Help You Support and Connect with Others

Learn what switches off our ability to empathize with others and how emotional intelligence skills can help us turn our regard for others back on, even when our emotions are getting the best of us.

Using Emotional Intelligence During Challenging Times

Learn the best emotional intelligence strategies to help manage your emotions when they become overwhelming, especially during times of stress.

Emotional Intelligence & Resilience: EQ Strategies to Build a Resilient Organization

Learn what people at work can do today to adapt and cope with adversity, disturbing events, and ongoing stress.

3 Ways Emotional Intelligence Influences HCAHPS Scores and Increases Care Provider Success

What makes one health care professional shine over another? What predicts performance and drives patient satisfaction? Learn how emotional intelligence can positively influence HCAHPS scores and increase care provider success.

Emotional Intelligence & Hiring: How to Maximize the Hiring Process at Your Organization Through EQ

Research shows that it’s not a lack of technical expertise that leads to turnover, performance issues, stress claims, and morale problems. It’s the way people treat each other at work. Learn how selecting an emotionally intelligent workforce can address this important challenge.

Emotional Intelligence & Leadership: How to Raise the Bar With Your EQ Skills to Be The Leader You Were Meant to Be

Kickstart your journey to maximizing your leadership skills. Learn why leaders should care about their emotions at work, and how to start your EQ path to becoming a great leader!

Emotional Intelligence & Sales: How to Maximize the Success of Your Sales Team & Increase Revenue Through EQ

Learn the connection between emotional intelligence and successful sales, and what you and your organization can begin doing today that will help your sales team take their skills to the next level.

Emotional Intelligence & Service/Retail Roles: How EQ Can Make or Break A Customer’s Experience & Your Success in Service

Experience the connection between emotional intelligence and success in service/retail jobs. If your teams have direct contact with customers, whether it be in-person, or remotely via phone/online, then this webinar is for you.

Emotional Intelligence & You: Part 1 – How to Increase Your EQ

Do you have trouble with time management? Does public speaking stress you out? Do your emotions affect your decision-making? Learn what you can begin doing today to increase your EQ skills on a personal level.

Emotional Intelligence & Others: How to Improve Your Social EQ

Do you dread difficult conversations? Want to improve your relationships? Learn what you can begin doing today to increase your EQ skills on a social level.