Why Focus on Emotional Intelligence?

why emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence training focuses on the outcomes that matter most to an organization at every level—from employees to leaders to the organization at large.

Organizations: From Disconnected to Aligned

  • The EQ Impact: All too often corporate training only happens at the top.  However, if employees at every level have access to essential EQ skills, there is mission alignment across the board.
  • What’s Required: Social awareness and social management skills to build shared values & goals.
  • Solution: EQ Essentials Plus
  • The Result: Everyone rowing in the same direction and using the common language of emotional intelligence. It isn’t just emotional intelligence for the sake of emotional intelligence; it is emotional intelligence to allows alignment, commitment, and excellence to thrive.

Employees: From Burnt-Out to Engaged

  • The EQ Impact: EQ skills empower employees with the skills they need to thrive. They go from simply “punching the clock” to feeling motivated, engaged, and inspired.
  • What’s Required: Self-Awareness & Self-Management skills to build commitment and accountability.
  • Solution: Level 1: Mastering Emotional Intelligence
  • The Result: Less turnover, less burnout, higher work-satisfaction, higher productivity.

Teams: From Conflict to Collaboration

  • The EQ Impact: Team EQ skills enable teams to go from task-based project completion to a focus on true collaboration & connection.
  • What’s Required: Team Emotional Intelligence skills.
  • Solution: “Team EQ” Workshop
  • The Result: Collaborative teams that maximize each individual contribution so that the collective whole understands their direction, feels alignment across the team, and demonstrates commitment to their work and each other.

Leaders: From Self-Centered to Human Centered

  • The EQ Impact: Leaders with strong EQ have empathy to build connectivity with their employees. They have authenticity to build trust.  And they have resilience and grit to weather challenging storms.
  • What’s Required: Social Awareness and Relationship Management skills.
  • Solution: Level 2: Mastering Emotional Intelligence
  • The Result: Human-centric leaders who feel equipped with the right tools to lead their teams through day-to-day triumphs and challenges. It isn’t about being nice or not holding people accountable. It is about centering humans in the work so people can show up at their best.

Cultures: From Diversity to Inclusion

  • The EQ Impact: Everyone is seeking DE&I training. However, mandated DE&I policies to increase diversity are not the answer.  It takes EQ skills to truly build inclusion.
  • What’s Required: Self-Awareness, social awareness and social management skills to build empathy and trust.
  • Solution: EQ Empowered: From Diversity to Inclusion Workshop
  • The Result: a collaborative culture where everyone feels they have a voice and true sense of belonging.

Taryn McKenzie is the EVP of Client Solutions for TalentSmart EQ. She is a guest contributor for our blog and has been leading teams for over 20 years in the executive training space. For more information about emotional intelligence training and solutions, please check out our website www.talentsmarteq.com.

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