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Learn at Your Own Pace Through TalentSmartEQ’s EQ Essentials® Online Program

TalentSmartEQ is beta testing our new EQ Essentials online course, which will be available soon! EQ Essentials is a short, engaging experience that will be accessible to all types of learners. This self-paced course offers organizations an entry point into emotional intelligence, allowing users to get an understanding of what EQ is, and why it is important to their world—specifically their world of work.

EQ Essentials Emotional Intelligence Courses

Why E-Learning?

EQ explains a full 58% of success in all types of jobs. However, it’s often difficult to scale this training across organizations. The EQ Essentials online course works as a standalone training option, or as part of a dedicated training program with our Mastering EQ® series. EQ Essentials can be strengthened even more by adding the world’s most powerful EQ assessment, the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal®– Self Edition. This assessment personalizes the EQ journey for each participant, delivering scores, analysis, and recommended strategies based upon a participant’s unique profile.