Better EQ, Better Relationships. Teams. Leaders. Cultures. Lives.

We believe that better EQ leads to better lives.

Our Mission is to help people develop their emotional intelligence to create a world that is more collaborative, inclusive, high performing, and human.

— New Program Suite!

EQ in Action

TalentSmartEQ proudly presents EQ in Action, a suite of two-hour programs empowering participants to use emotional intelligence to overcome major organizational challenges. Launching with five interactive programs, each focused on skill enhancement and practice, EQ in Action supports personal growth, leadership development, and organizational change. Start your journey to effective transformation today.

Project EQ: The Transformation of West Virginia

Project EQ in Charleston, West Virginia, is a groundbreaking initiative integrating emotional intelligence into law enforcement training for all 4,500 state officers to enhance community relations and public safety.

Discover how Project EQ at Mt. Olive Correctional Facility in West Virginia uses emotional intelligence (EQ) training to reshape lives, foster empathy, and promote rehabilitation.

EQ Outcomes are Backed by Research

1 %

of top performers have high EQ

1 %

of senior leaders at a Fortune 500 products company gained insights that led to bottom-line improvements

1 %

of job performance is impacted by EQ

1 %

of participants reported improvements in their ability to deal with change effectively

1 %

of participants at a top government agency improved depth & quality of work relationships

1 %

of participants at a non-profit health company reported improved conflict resolution skills

One of the Top 10 Skills

needed for professional success in 2020 and beyond.

– The World Economic Forum “Future of Jobs Report”

Global Demand for EQ Skills

is set to increase by 6x over the next three to five years.

– Capgemini’s study of 750 Executives in 2019


“Emotional intelligence will separate the great companies from the good ones.”
regina sacha
Regina Sacha
Vice President of Human Resources Fedex Custom Critical
“We need no more convincing that emotional intelligence is at the core of life success. What we need are practical ways of improving it.”
Joseph green
Joseph Grenny
NY Times Best-Selling Coauthor of Crucial Conversations

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Improve Your Organization’s Performance

Learn how EQ can improve your organization’s performance.

TalentSmartEQ offers the most powerful approach to develop EQ to improve both business and life skills. We concentrate on the specific skills proven to increase EQ competency. Our training programs are easy for trainers to teach, for participants to learn and apply, and for organizations to scale–at any level of leadership and in any job function.

Better EQ, Better Performance.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the #1 predictor of workplace performance—and it’s a skill you can develop.

TalentSmartEQ’s proven and powerful approach to EQ development is based on decades of research and assessments taken by millions. Simply put—we know EQ, and we’ll help you develop it.

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