– Assessment Services

Rely on the Pros for Your Assessment Needs

Through our expert administration team, we’ll ensure that your measurement initiatives run smoothly, efficiently, and tailored for results.

Administration Support

If you don’t have time or prefer a qualified third party to manage your assessment administration process, TalentSmart staff will administer assessments for any size group, anywhere in the world.

Group Profiles

Find out how your group stacks up on emotional intelligence or leadership skills. A group profile report compiles and summarizes results from a group of individual assessments. This profile pinpoints your group’s overall high and low skills and recommends where to focus collective development efforts. Delivery options include PowerPoint slides, PDF report, or both.

Group Debriefs

Through this 90-minute virtual session, our Emotional Intelligence Appraisal Group Debrief will guide your group deeper understanding of their current EQ skill level along with immediate strategies to practice.