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Easy, Engaging, and Actionable for the Whole Organization

Nobody knows EQ better than TalentSmartEQ–we’ve been helping employees, managers, and leaders develop EQ skills for nearly 20 years. We serve clients from Fortune 500 companies to small, private companies, to government agencies, and we work in industries from healthcare and technology, to manufacturing, finance, and education.

Our clients keep coming back because our programs are powerful, yet easy to teach, learn, and apply:

  • Straightforward and easy for trainers to facilitate
  • Engaging curriculum featuring activities that appeal to all learning styles to make learning fun, effective, and long-lasting
  • Versatile offerings to meet your organization’s specific needs for learners at all levels, in all functions, and at all stages of their EQ journey

Here is what some of our clients have shared about working with us:

Clint Testimonials

“The application of TalentSmart’s teachings has been a major focus for leaders with employees working remotely. It has helped the transition from working-in-building to working remotely, and has kept people feeling connected and knowing that they are still valued. A great many of our leaders are really showing up well in this space.”
-Senior Learning & Development Specialist
Global Electronics Corporation
“Bar-none the best, most impactful class our team has had the pleasure to teach us thus far. TalentSmart’s materials, methodology, and curriculum were so well received and had such a huge impact on a very critical organization to our nation’s defense. Some of the senior leaders were apprehensive and uncommitted initially. At the end of the class, they gushed about how amazing the class was.”
-Leading Serviceman and Trainer
Branch of the United States Armed Forces
“I was quite impressed at how this program was conducted virtually. Not many people have embraced virtual training, and can execute it well enough to get the level of interaction and subject matter clearly expressed as TalentSmart’s facilitator. Great training!”
-Program Participant
National Healthcare Organization
“TalentSmart’s EQ training is an extremely beneficial course for anyone in a position of leadership, whether they have direct reports or not. It not only provides a foundations for continuous improvement and self-awareness, but it also provides the opportunity to pause and recognize where you can contribute to others’ success through EQ.”
-Leadership & Development Employee
Global Automobile Manufacturer
“One of the most valuable events in my professional training life was attending the EQ Certification Training. After I was certified, I conducted the training at my Organization right away and saw how much it impacted Our employees’ personal and professional lives. I was able To make EQ training a prerequisite for all of our first line Supervisors and middle managers.”
-Human Resources Analyst
Public Utility District
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Driving Success Throughout Your Organization

Our clients report a significant return on their investment in our Mastering EQ programs. Participants at all levels, from individual contributors to senior leaders, experience improvements in behaviors that contribute directly to the bottom line.

Learn about the measurable results from real clients who saw improved business relationships, decision making, change management, and much more after participating in TalentSmartEQ training.

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