Harry’s Tough Decision

Prince Phillip Memorial

The relationship situation between Royal Family and Prince Harry has surfaced yet again. But is this newest situation about the Princely Brothers not getting along or is it based on sincere concerns for the safety of Harry’s family? Let’s take a look at this situation through an emotional intelligence lens. Prince Philip Memorial

The Decision Not to Attend

Harry and Meghan decided not to attend the April 5th memorial services for Prince Phillip, who passed away at the age of 99 last year. It is possible that Harry–knowing he would be without a security detail– was seeking the whole picture and understood this decision was not just about his safety. On a recent visit, his security was indeed breeched, so he likely also considered that experience in his decision-making. Understanding the rules of the culture game, another EQ strategy, and specifically in the UK, may have led Harry to consider his lack of anonymity and needing to be even more considerate of what could happen. Both strategies are rooted in the skill of social awareness.

The Emotional Intelligence Behind the Decision

This decision also highlights Harry’s self-awareness. Visiting our values and observing the ripple effect from our emotions, both self-awareness strategies, are quite apparent in Harry’s decision. Although we have not been privy to any conversation Harry may have had with his family at home in the US or in the UK, one can imagine it not an easy one. Attend a service and risk harm to his family or stay at home and pay respect in safety…you decide. How emotionally intelligent was this decision? Prince Philip Memorial

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