How the ‘Golden Arches’ is Showing Off Their EQ!

McDonald's Emotional Intelligence

It may seem simple…a major fast-food restaurant asking for feedback about your experience.  But the latest initiative by McDonalds takes it a step further…an emotionally intelligent step further. McDonald’s Emotional Intelligence

The recent Inc. article highlights how the biggest burger company in the world has tweaked the feedback world and taken a page out of effective emotional intelligence.  Feedback is something we can all learn from when we pause to understand what is being said and who is saying it.  But, specifically asking for positive feedback elevates its importance.  And if your goal is to know what is working and who to thank for it, why not ask that question directly?

Seek Feedback

A simple yet powerful strategy of self-awareness is Seek Feedback.  This strategy is important to individuals and to companies to learn how you are handling different situations at various times.  Knowing that emotions typically fuel our behaviors, asking for the positive feedback is allowing McDonalds the opportunity to encourage these strengths and thank their employees for a job well done, even when the boss isn’t around to observe.

Let’s face it, unhappy customers are usually the loudest voices and aren’t shy to share their dismay.  Seeking positive feedback specifically is saying, ‘we care about what you do well, we want you to continue doing it and thank you very much.’ McDonald’s Emotional Intelligence

When You Care Show It

The idea of requesting positive feedback leads into an important relationship management strategy, When You Care Show It.  It says to all of us who are customers that McDonalds wants to hear the good stuff!  It says to employees that McDonalds is going to appreciate the good stuff.  It also says…the good stuff is worth everything.

For more information on McDonald’s new feedback system, please visit, With 2 Short Words McDonald’s Just Displayed a Powerful Example of Emotional Intelligence


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