TeamEQ Diagnostic Tool

The last decade has demonstrated the importance of high-performing teams to the future of work and if the last couple of years has taught us anything, it is that teamwork –whether you are fully remote, hybrid, or collocated–can be challenging. Take this short diagnostic to see how your team is managing the realities of work and learn more about how TalentSmartEQ can help your team maximize their potential.

1. Has your team had new leadership in the past year?
2. Have members left or joined the team in the past year?
3. Has your physical work environment changed in the past year (such as switching from in-person to hybrid)?
On average, how might your team answer the following questions:
4. My team manages conflict well
5. My team handles stress well
6. My team manages change well
7. My team would be considered “high-performing”
8. My team would benefit from improving our emotional intelligence skills