Felix Sablan

Executive Vice President of Client Solutions

As EVP of Client Solutions at TalentSmartEQ, Felix spearheads global sales and business development initiatives. With a profound belief that emotional intelligence (EQ) is not just an important life skill but a crucial societal imperative, Felix brings a mission-driven approach to his leadership role. His unwavering commitment to supporting underrepresented communities in accessing education, achieving workforce readiness, and attaining career and life success is evident not only through his professional endeavors but also through his active involvement in various community and leadership boards. He currently sits on the Selected Services Board for the State of California, the City of San Diego Advisory Board for API Affairs, the County of San Diego Mental Health Advisory Council, and as a Board Director of the Union of Pan Asian Communities (UPAC).

Felix’s professional background spans six major industries at various senior-levels. Prior to joining TalentSmartEQ, he most recently worked as a Sr. Leader for the Center for Creative Leadership. In this role he led a high performing team of Strategic Partners covering 34 U.S. States, Canada, and Latin America working with Fortune 500 companies to solve their critical business challenges. Felix has held numerous leadership roles in higher education to include Vice President of National Development for Global Health Education, Assistant National Director of Strategic Alliances at Excelsior College, and Workforce Solutions Advisor at Apollo Education Group. Felix’s career roots started in Retail and Automotive where he opened retail stores across the country as a district manager and ran a 10.5-million-dollar flagship automotive dealership in the pacific region. He has also owned and operated several businesses to include Sablan Consulting LLC, a firm focusing on helping businesses with business and growth strategies, and Tio Chino, a full service Restaurant and Bar in San Diego.

Felix has a master’s degree in business administration and a Bachelor of Business Communication from the University of Phoenix, San Diego Campus. He is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, certified Sales Trainer from Joe Verde Company, and a certified Automotive General Manager from NCM Associates. Felix is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology at Walden University.