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Certified Trainer Community Webinars

All of TalentSmart’s Mastering Emotional Intelligence® Certified Trainer Webinars are recorded. As long as you register for any of the webinars below, you will receive the recording of the webinar – even if you cannot attend the live webinar.

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Consulting Hour Zoom Discussion

June 8th
10:00 am - PST

Have you had a question about a particular TalentSmartEQ program and didn’t know where to turn? Do you wonder about something on the assessment report that you have a question about? You’re in luck! Join us as TalentSmart’s Director of Training, Dr. Sheri Duchock and Assessment Advisor, Zari Edlin host a consulting hour for all of your questions about any and all of our programs and assessments. Come with what’s on your mind and hear some of the other questions that may have not even come up yet! This event will be held on a zoom link. Please add it to your calendar.

Mastering EQ Level 2 Demonstration Webinar

May 18th
10:00 am - PST

Have you been wondering, ‘What’s next after TalentSmart’s Level 1 Emotional Intelligence program?’ Well Level 2, of course! But what is Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 2 all about? Join TalentSmart’s Director of Training, David Brzozowski and Client Solutions Sr. VP, Lori Johnston as we take you on the journey of what Level 2 is all about; why you would take participants through this advanced course; and who is the right audience. Wonder no more…all your questions about Mastering Emotional intelligence Level 2 will be answered.

EQ Strategy Deep Dive Zoom Discussion

April 20th
10:00 am - PST

Not all of the EQ strategies are easy to implement. Join TalentSmart’s VP of Law Enforcement & Government, Dr. Greg Campbell along with other Certified Trainers from around the globe as we dive into some of the more complicated EQ strategies and discuss how to put them into action. Come with the strategy that has you stumped or join in the discussion at large. This event will be held on a zoom link. Please add it to your calendar.

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Trainer Webinar: Mastering EQ for Teams Demo

Have you been wondering why some teams include team members with high individual EQ, but as a team unit, they aren’t accomplishing what is needed? The skillset is different.

Our newest program offering, Mastering EQ for Teams, is in full swing. Join TalentSmartEQ Director of Training, Josh Rosenthal and Vice President of Client Solutions, Amy Wolff to learn more about this program.

Introducing TalentSmartEQ’s New eLearning Offerings

Join us for a sneak peek of TalentSmartEQ’s new eLearning offer, EQ Essentials. EQ Essentials is a self-paced, engaging experience that enables organizations to bring powerful EQ training to a broader audience. This foundational 60-minute course offers organizations an entry point into emotional intelligence as a stand-alone offering or as a launching point for our in-depth Mastering EQ® training series.

Why the Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 2 Program is a No Brainer!

Have you asked yourself ‘what is next’ after a successful Mastering Emotional intelligence Level 1 program? Then consider TalentSmart’s Level 2 program, a deeper dive into the four core skills of emotional intelligence. Join us for this special certified trainer only webinar where we will share just what the Level 2 program can do for your organization.

EQ for Teams, and Introducing Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Have you been wondering why some teams include team members with high individual EQ, but as a team unit, they aren’t accomplishing what is needed? Just because people have high individual EQ doesn’t mean it will transfer to intact or cross functional team success. The skill set is different. Our newest offering, Mastering EQ for Teams is in full swing, and now with a newly published book to accompany the program!

Mastering EQ Level 1 – 2022 Updates

Please join us as we share several exciting updates to our Mastering EQ – Level 1 program that all Certified Trainers will want to hear about. We also have a rebranding happening that will give an updated look and feel to our materials. Join TalentSmartEQ EVP of Programs, Sue DeLazaro, and she answers all of your questions regarding current inventory, purchasing the updated Level 1 Participant Licenses and Leader Guide, and much more.



The new year brings updates and new initiatives at TalentSmartEQ.  Please join us as we share several exciting updates to our programs that all Certified Trainers will want to hear about.  We also have a rebranding happening that will give an updated look and feel to our materials.

Level One is Done – Now What?

The Mastering EQ – Level One program is foundational for all employees. But what happens after the excitement of committing to your strategies to improve your EQ settles? Join us as we share development resources that are already at you and your participants fingertips and how to use them. We’ll answer the question, “What is all the hype about Mastering EQ Level Two and is it right for us?” And we’ll answer all your questions about Mastering EQ for Teams.

Let’s Talk About EQ & Teams!

You’ve heard about it. You’ve talked about it. Now learn more about it…TalentSmartEQ’s newest program—Mastering EQ for Teams. That’s right, a development program specifically designed to explore and develop the emotional intelligence of teams. We’ll give you a high-level view of the differences between Individual EQ versus Team EQ, share benefits of bringing Mastering EQ for Teams to your organization, and answer the question, “What’s in it for teams?”

Movie Clip Viewing Party

This webinar will cover debriefs of 4 new movie clips that are available in Certified Trainer Resources for you, not in your Mastering Emotional Intelligence® Leader Guide.

Certified Trainer Spotlight: [Pre-Recorded] Engineering an Emotionally Intelligent Organization

This 45-minute pre-recorded webinar features a “Trainer Spotlight” on a trainer from one of our client organizations, who is certified in our Mastering Emotional Intelligence program(s). Mike Ramos, Sr. Sales Engineer at Splunk, shares his story.

Practicing EQ in Virtual/Remote Settings

Learn what EQ development looks and sounds like in a remote/virtual setting. You’ll learn tips for success, what to consider, and how to navigate the hurdle of remote work environments.

Trainer-to-Trainer Q&A

This webinar is an opportunity to ask members of the Programs team at TalentSmart any questions you have about your Mastering Emotional Intelligence® program. Facilitation Prep? Inquiries about what to do in-session? Logistics? Post-session ongoing learning? Bring your questions, and the programs team will help tackle them!

Getting Buy-In for Your EQ Program

You already got buy-in to implement EQ at your organization, but that doesn’t mean department heads may necessarily be on board with emotional intelligence development. This webinar will share how to get the other leaders at your organization on board with your program, so they can work for you and help participants come eager to learn and motivated to develop their EQ.

Making EQ Stick: Post-Session Best Practices

This webinar covers best practices to help emotional intelligence development “stick” at your organization. Learn what you can do long after your Mastering EQ session is over to help keep the engagement and motivation going at your organization.

Practicing EQ in a Multi-Generational Workforce

This webinar will cover multi-generational impacts on the workplace, how to overcome barriers, and how to use EQ and make a multi-generational workplace work to your organization’s advantage.

Level 1 Certified Trainer Webinar: The New & Improved Level 2!

This webinar will include a short demo on the new and improved Mastering Emotional Intelligence® Level 2 program enhancements, the learning pathway from Level 1 to Level 2 and differences between these programs, important release dates for Level 2, and important logistical information for certified Level 1 trainers who want to embark on Level 2 certification.

Level 2 Certified Trainer Webinar: The New & Improved Level 2!

This webinar is for current Level 2 trainers, and will cover Mastering Emotional Intelligence® Level 2 program enhancements, changes, refresher opportunities, release dates, and important logistical information for certified Level 2 trainers.

Tailoring to Specific Audiences

This webinar explains why you should tailor your Mastering Emotional Intelligence sessions based on your participant group, questions you’ll need to ask, design considerations for your relative audience, and decisions to make for what’s next for your participants.

2019 Certified Trainer Updates

Learn about latest enhancements, updates in queue, and new TalentSmart products, programs, and features available to you as a certified trainer!

Planning a Half-Day Session

Sometimes, based on scheduling constraints or organizational needs, a half-day session may work better for your Mastering EQ participants. Learn what activities to keep in and/or cut out for a half-day session in Mastering EQ Level 1, and why. Additionally, discover how to condense important content, and run a successful and engaging half-day program without sacrificing the experience and impact for your participants.

Handling Unexpected Curveballs During Session

Learn how to tackle common tough situations that could arise in your Mastering EQ sessions, and teach you how to handle them like a pro. Hear real stories of curveballs that have been thrown during session, and how trainers just like you learned quickly how to hit them and nail a home run session!

Pre-Work for Your Participants Prior to Session

This webinar will cover timeline and administration tasks prior to facilitating your Mastering Emotional Intelligence sessions. Learn alternative options you may want to consider for customization, and what maximizes efficiency for you and your participants leading up to session(s).

Using the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal® Multi-Rater or 360 Assessment with Mastering EQ Level 1

Learn how to use and debrief the EIA Multi-Rater or 360 assessments in Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1. Identify the differences and benefits of utilizing these assessments in your training sessions, and listen to Q&A with TalentSmart’s Director of Training to support you in delivering your next EQ training session.

EQ & Guiding Participants Through Feedback

Join us as we take an EQ look at setting people up for success to receive and use feedback to be more effective. We’ll share great tips not just for EQ assessment debriefs, but for all types of feedback situations.

Best Practices for Delivering and Producing Virtual TalentSmartEQ Programs

Join TalentSmartEQ experts and understand what is available to you for facilitation ease and tips we’ve learned to produce a smoother program for your participants.

Virtual Delivery Options for Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 2

Join us as we cover virtual design/agenda and considerations of Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 2. We also tackle questions about Mastering EQ Level 2 virtual delivery in a Q&A session.

Mid-Year Updates for Certified Trainers

This webinar will recap any new enhancements that happened in Q1 and Q2, housekeeping items for certified trainers, and also share any imminent updates to TalentSmart programs.

Why EQ Matters, Especially During Times of Crisis

This webinar covers why EQ is essential during times of crisis and explains how to get buy-in with leadership to continue training and using EQ as a support for your organization during crisis. Additionally, we’ll cover what EQ strategies are the most helpful during a time of crisis and how to keep the train moving with your program.

Mastering EQ Virtual Session Planning Q&A

This interactive working session covers how the Mastering EQ virtual participant license works, what and when to communicate to your learners, and how to plan for your virtual session. Additionally, get your questions answered in the session so you can begin planning your virtual sessions right away!

Virtual Delivery of Mastering Emotional Intelligence® Level 1

This webinar cover virtual design/agenda options of Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1.