Mastering EQ for Teams Certification

Train-the-Trainer held virtually and in-person.

In one day, learn how to facilitate our Mastering EQ for Teams program, and become an expert in Team EQ development.

Prerequisite – Mastering EQ Level 1 Train-the-Trainer

Mastering EQ for Teams

The bulk of work done at organizations is by teams, and your team’s performance is measured by what they accomplish together as a group. The key to this performance is their Team Emotional Intelligence (EQ). A team’s EQ is different than individual EQ. EQ at the team level means members of the group are able to interact well with each other, and cross-functionally with people in other departments, on other teams, and even outside the organization.

As emotional intelligence (EQ) grows increasingly popular and is widely accepted as a standard for individual success, team emotional intelligence offers your organization and team members tremendous potential for a particularly competitive edge.

Mastering EQ for Teams is a flexible, practical, and accelerated training program designed to help your intact teams work more efficiently, achieve goals, and collaborate cross-functionally. Through this engaging program, your teams will build trust, establish group cohesion, complete tasks quickly, and learn to manage stress during emotionally charged situations.

As a facilitator, learn how to implement this program that will have an immense impact on intact team performance and productivity at your organization. In 1 day, we will arm you with everything you need to bring team EQ skill development to your organization or clients, including 4 hours of proven curriculum, access to participant learning materials, plans for both in-person and virtual delivery, and a license to use Hollywood movie clips selected for deeper discussions in your team sessions.

Exclusive Benefits with Mastering EQ for Teams Certification

A flexible half-day curriculum for your learners

  • Flexible curriculum for your learners, with virtual and in-person delivery options
  • Consultations with senior TalentSmartEQ experts for your design and delivery questions
  • Trainer Portal Access that includes facilitation materials, movie library, marketing materials, and resources to enhance your subject matter expertise
  • Credit hours through SHRM, HRCI, AND ICF
Emotional Intelligence Certification Training – TalentSmartEQ

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Mastering EQ for Teams Certification


Mastering EQ for Teams Certification is 1 day. Here’s what to expect:

Experience Mastering EQ for Teams as a participant, and then learn how to deliver the 4-hour program to your learners.

  • Discover team emotional intelligence—what it is, the difference between individual EQ and team EQ, and learn the four team EQ skills
  • Observe team emotional intelligence skills in action
  • Debrief the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal®—Team Edition
  • Explore the 55 team emotional intelligence strategies for developing the team’s EQ
  • Develop one Team EQ Action Plan so the team may practice strategies and develop as a team together
  • Create and agree upon a list of Team Norms to follow
  • Become fully equipped to deliver an engaging program to your intact teams, and watch them begin to achieve exceptional results!

Who should attend?

In-house trainers and facilitators, and individuals responsible for mentoring, coaching, and developing others internally at their organization. This program is not available to external consultants unless sponsored to instruct at an organization.

  1. The training license will be held by the sponsoring organization.
  2. Train-the-Trainer cost – $2,495.
  3. Trainer must have attended TalentSmartEQ’s Mastering EQ® Level 1 Train-the-Trainer.
  4. TalentSmartEQ participant licenses must be purchased for each participant in Mastering EQ for Teams sessions (only 1 assessment required for the entire intact team).

Please call us to discuss pricing or other inquiries regarding Mastering EQ for Teams Certification with one of our Client Solutions professionals.

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