Emotional Intelligence Resources

Recommended Books

The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook
A fast and fun read on emotional intelligence for everyone from the beginner to the EQ veteran. Covers the history of emotional intelligence, what EQ is and how you measure it, how to improve EQ, and how to teach others to be emotionally intelligent. A quick and complete guide.

Successful Intelligence
Book by Robert J. Sternberg, a well-respected thinker in the field of multiple intelligences and a professor at Yale. Book shows how academic knowledge does not necessarily lead to goal-directed action or real-world problem solving. Thought-provoking book, but reads more like an academic article.

Informational Websites

The leader in emotional intelligence for building workforce effectiveness. Site sells the EQ Quickbook™, the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal™, and the only measure of team emotional intelligence. TalentSmart.com has free white papers and articles on emotional intelligence, as well as the Smart Advisor, who answers your tough emotional intelligence questions for free.

Ei Consortium
A research group committed to study all that is known about emotional intelligence in the workplace. Good resource for interesting research articles on the topic. Also has an EQ bookstore.

Emonet was established in January 1997. The aim of EMONET is to facilitate scholarly discussion of all matters relating to the study of emotion in organizational settings. A good resource for the latest research on emotional intelligence.