Hiring for EQ

Research shows that it’s not a lack of technical expertise that leads to turnover, performance issues, stress claims, and morale problems. It’s the way people treat each other at work.

Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

Cement the very best hires for your organization with this follow-on program to Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1. Designed for recruiters and hiring managers, this in-person or virtually led one-day session teaches how to screen, interview, and successfully evaluate a candidate’s emotional intelligence skills.

Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

Features & Design

  • Full-day follow-on program to Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1, and facilitated on-site or virtually through a TalentSmart expert facilitator.
  • No assessment needed.
  • Discover how EQ is used in the hiring process, and explore what high and low EQ look and sound like at your organization.
  • Practice EQ interview questions that reveal high or low EQ, and craft custom EQ interview questions that fit the culture at your organization.
  • Learn how to spot candidates high in EQ, and how to hone radar for detecting evidence of low EQ behaviors to avoid toxic hires.
  • Learn how to identify and evaluate EQ skills both inside and outside of the formal interview to maximize a successful hiring process.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • A honed screening, interviewing, and evaluating process for candidates with 12 EQ interview questions and 3 custom EQ questions.
  • Facilitates a culture of EQ at your organization – at the start during the hiring process.
  • Maximizes the hiring process by including emotional intelligence as part of screening, interviewing, and evaluating.
  • Increased EQ throughout your organization.
  • Improved work culture and job satisfaction by setting the value of EQ throughout your organization.
  • Developed team EQ skills that allow intact teams to become more efficient and effective on the job.

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