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Frequently Asked Questions

My passcode is damaged or missing. What should I do? 2020-11-04T10:24:17+00:00

If you have a physical copy of any of our books and your passcode is unreadable or damaged, please email a photo of the damaged passcode to [email protected], adding the Subject line “Damaged Passcode”. Once email is received and the details verified, support will be provided, and if necessary, a replacement code will be sent.

If the envelope with passcode is missing from the back of the book, you have received a used copy . Please contact the retailer you purchased from to either return the book or request a replacement passcode. If the retailer will not issue you a replacement passcode, you may purchase an ebook through Amazon Kindle or VitalSource and a new code will be provided.

What if I cannot find my passcode? 2020-11-04T10:32:42+00:00

If this is a physical copy of the book, there should be an envelope located in the back of the book. There will be a code in the envelope along with additional instructions to take your online test. If your book has a foiled box, then your code is underneath. Gently scratch off the foil using a coin, making sure not to peel it like a sticker. Please use this passcode to take your test and you will use this same passcode to access your results. You will need this passcode to take your retest in 6 months.

If you’ve already used your passcode, and need to access your passcode again, please visit the product you’re looking for and the email address you associated the code with.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 : https://www.talentsmarteq.com/eiqb2/passretr.php

Emotional Intelligence Habits : https://www.talentsmarteq.com/habits/passretr.php

If you made your purchase from Amazon Kindle, Audible, Nook or VitalSource, they are responsible for issuing the code and will send the passcode in an additional email after your purchase.

Kindle’s subject line for the email with the passcode is “Your Amazon.com Promotional Code”

Audible’s subject line for the email with the passcode is “Supporting Documents for Emotional Intelligence 2.0.”

Please search your SPAM or JUNK folder as these emails can end up in those inboxes.

For all other e-books not mentioned above, they do not distribute the unique passcode upon purchase. Please contact the supplier directly.

How do I take the test if I purchased an e-book copy of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 or Leadership 2.0? 2020-11-04T10:40:46+00:00

You may access the test with your 10-character passcode by going to www.talentsmarteq.com/test

If you purchased the Kindle Version

After your Kindle order has been processed, Amazon will send you a follow up email with your unique passcode included. There is no orange envelope as described by Kindle, you will receive an email instead.

The subject of the email from Kindle will be “Your Amazon.com Promotional Code” and would have been sent to the email address you registered with your Kindle account. Please do a search in your Inbox and Spam folders or search in your “All Mail” filter to see if you can locate the email. If you cannot find the email, please contact Amazon Kindle Support at 1-866-216-1072 as they will be able to resend your passcode. Since your purchase was made through Kindle, they are responsible for issuing your passcode.

To contact Kindle via phone:
http://www.amazon.com/clicktocall or call 1-866-216-1072

To contact Kindle via chat:

If you purchased the Audible Version

After your purchase is made via Audible.com, your unique passcode is distributed by Audible.com and will be sent to the email address you have registered with Audible.

The subject of that email is: “Supporting Documents for Emotional Intelligence 2.0.” Please do a search in your Inbox and Spam folders to see if you can locate the email. If you have not received or cannot locate the email, please contact Audible.com at 1-888-283-5051 as they will be able to resend the email with your passcode included. Since your purchase was made through Audible, they are responsible for your passcode.

Audible.com Customer Care:
1-888-283-5051 USA & Canada (24/7 support)
1-973-820-0400 International (24/7 support)

If purchased through VitalSource

Your purchase of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 includes online access to the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal® test.

Take the EQ Test with your Access Code provided by following the steps below:

  1. Retrieve your EQ test “Access Code” in your Bookshelf account's “Courseware”
  2. Copy the “Access Code” to the EQ test, then click on “Visit Website”
  3. This will take you to the EQ test website www.TalentSmartEQ.com/test.
  4. Once there, click on the “TAKE THE TEST” button
  5. Enter your EQ test “Access Code” and click on the “Submit” button to begin your test.
  6. Anytime you want to revisit your test results, return to www.TalentSmartEQ.com/test, click on the “VIEW MY REPORT” button, and log in with your passcode.

For all other e-book providers NOT mentioned above, they do not distribute the unique passcode upon purchase. In order to receive your code, please contact the supplier directly given your purchase was made from them.

How Do I Take my “Retest”? 2020-11-04T10:46:07+00:00

When you purchase Emotional Intelligence 2.0 from our website or one of our verified vendors, you will gain access to 2 tests: the original test that we recommend taking before reading through our book and a retest to track your improvement over time.

Your retest will automatically become available 6 months after taking your original test.

If you are attempting to take your second test before the 6-month recommended time period, please submit a support ticket that includes your 10-character passcode as well as the email address that you used to register for the first test. We can then release the retest for you.

You can submit the support ticket by clicking this link: https://www.talentsmarteq.com/contact/

Once your retest is released, you will receive an email from TalentSmartEQ with the direct link and instructions on how to access your retest.

How do I view my results report? 2020-11-04T10:45:06+00:00

Log into your portal> using the same passcode located in the back of your book. Click on “View Report” on the right side of the portal. When the report is available the icon will turn blue. If the icon is grayed out after 30 minutes of taking the test, please contact our support by emailing [email protected] or calling us at858-509-0582 ext 4.

If you have any trouble logging in, please try using a different browser to view your test results. We also recommend clearing out your internet browser history or using the incognito/private browsing option.

What do I do if I am trying to take a test or log in to my report and the system says my email address cannot be found or is incorrect? 2020-11-04T10:32:42+00:00

Visit www.talentsmarteq.com/access-assessments/ and select the product report you are trying to view.

If you are still having problems accessing your account, contact our support team at 858-509-0582 ext. 4.

What if I have a used book and need to get a passcode? 2020-11-04T10:32:42+00:00

TalentSmartEQ recommends trying to return your used copy and repurchasing a “Brand New” version of the book since each passcode is unique to the book it comes with.

You can also obtain a passcode by purchasing a digital version of the book from our online verified vendors, which are Amazon Kindle or Audible. After your purchase is made, Amazon will supply you with a passcode in a separate email.

My participants are not getting their email invitations. What can I do to ensure they get the emails? 2020-11-04T10:32:42+00:00

Make sure that you contact your IT department and have [email protected] is whitelisted.

What is your refund policy? 2020-11-04T10:32:42+00:00

Assessments are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. Unused assessments expire two years from the date of purchase.

Physical products may be considered for a refund by contacting us within 48 hours of the purchase date if they are unopened and in resale condition. A restocking fee of 10% will apply per product and shipping fees are not refundable.

Need More Help? 2020-11-04T10:32:42+00:00

If your question was not answered above and you need additional support, please email our support team at https://www.TalentSmartEQ.com/contact or call us at 858-509-0582 and select from the following menu options:

Menu option # 1:  Products & Services

Menu option # 2:  Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Menu option # 3:  Technical Support

Menu option # 4:  Assessment Services

Menu option # 5:  Billing

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